Architecture Specific

Refusal after Refusal, Adjustments Agency (2019)

Death to the Calling: A Job in Architecture is Still a Job, Marisa Cortright (2019)

Routine Destruction, Architectural Workers (2017)

Middle-class guilt is weaponised to keep architectural labourers from demanding reform, Phineas Harper (2017)

A Short History of the Architectural Profession (1976), Working For What? (1977) , NAM Handbook (1978) – New Architecture Movement

The Architect as Worker, Peggy Deamer (2015)



Adapt or die: a new breed of trade union can save the fossils of old, John Harris (2018) (Important article highlighting the need for different types of unions)

Games Workers Unite “Stories” Zine, Games Workers Unite (2018)

What could a Union do for Graphic Design? , Evening Class (2018)

Precarious workers are organising – trade unions need to catch up

Ferrari showroom cleaners strike for living wage: ‘They want us out’, Repert Neate (2017)

‘McStrike’: McDonald’s workers walk out over zero-hours contracts, Rajeev Syal (2018) (Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union, McDonalds workers)

How could we cope if capitalism failed? Ask 26 Greek factory workers, Aditya Chakrabortty (2017) (Viome workers co-operative)