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We all know redundancy, bullying or a mis-managed project deadline might be around the corner – so don’t wait to join our community. As a member of UVW, you’re entitled immediately to free legal advice, representation at workplace meetings or tribunals, and importantly trade union protection.

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1. It is your responsibility to deconstruct your own prejudices and learnt violences. Check and deconstruct your own unexamined perceptions of others: how they are shaped by structural inequality, and how they affect how we organise, what language we use and how we behave. It is your responsibility to share your power, to listen to other voices, and to respect those without structural authority.  Where we have energy, ability and the privilege to do so, it is also our responsibility to educate others.

2. Sustained problematic behaviour, e.g. micro-aggression or misgendering, or any direct attack on any member will result in removal from the group. Any action against violence taken must be centred around the needs and desires of those affected by that violence.