We are forming a community to survey the architectural industry from within, and radically change the terms of our employment. We aim to shape architectural practice for the workers, and in the interests of those impacted by architectural work. Workers’ Inquiry: Architecture is a series of meetings structured around the key questions we all want to voice and answer; using workshops and open discussion to let our personal working experiences inform collective strategies for resistance and action!

We are architectural assistants, BIM/CAD technicians, admin workers, interior designers, model makers, landscape architects, architectural technicians, urban designers, planners, visualisers, graphic designers, students, educators, cleaners, researchers, artists, studio support staff, and architects.

We are not bosses, the architectural establishment, or those with the power to hire and fire.

Inspired by the successes of other unionised workers, of differing roles and levels of precarity; we seek to learn lessons, foster alliances, and develop strategies between and across industries.