Architecture Workers are Unionising! – Radical Visual Culture then and now


Reserve a free ticket for the event here!

Are you working unpaid overtime? Do you get paid fairly? Have you faced discrimination or harassment at work? Are you stressed, depressed, anxious? Are you unable to refuse or challenge unethical projects in the office?

This Open Meeting is about the visual culture of unions, the new era of trade unionism, and how we are reinventing the labour movement together. 

United Voices of the World – Section of Architectural Workers is a new trade union for all architectural workers. We fight against the harmful impacts of work both on ourselves, communities and the environment.

Through open-meetings, we collectively empower each other to re-shape the architectural profession from within. We organise against underpay, overwork, precarity, discrimination, harassment, unfair access into the profession, and unethical practice. We facilitate workshops, run campaigns, host social events and up-skill each other to change the architectural sector.

Our open meetings are for all those working in the architecture industry, and will be a safe space free from bosses. Join us to re-build the profession together!

*We all know redundancy, bullying or a mismanaged project deadline might be around the corner – join our growing community to collectively fight for our rights as architectural workers! To join UVW-SAW for as little as £6 / month, go to:*


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