How to Launch an Architectural Workers’ Union?


Following our recent demonstration on the last day of the RIBA presidential elections, at our fourth General Meeting we will collectively plan our next steps in the months leading up to the launch of an architectural workers’ union!

We will be presenting and discussing specific working groups:

  • Actions and Research: collecting data, visually mapping our experiences in practice and education, and formulating campaigns
  • Which Union?: researching and assessing potential unions against our specific needs as architectural workers
  • Structure: establishing the internal and external frameworks we need in place to launch a union
  • Launch: planning the future launch of a union for architectural workers

We will be workshopping these projects through peer-to-peer discussion, and then collaboratively generating a timeline of our strategy to launch an architectural workers union!

The meeting start at 7pm (30 mins for introductions and chat), conversation starts at 7:30pm.

Please click attending on the Eventbrite. Hope to see you at the next meeting!

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