What are our demands for (change) in architectural work?


What are our demands* for (change) in architectural work?

*bring your 3 pre-prepared demands to the table!

We began by tallying up the cost of working in architectural industry; affirming that it is not our ‘own problem’, but a systemic one. Now we can think about what key collective demands we would like to make, to not only ensure our basic rights are respected, but to radically change our working lives.

This is the second in a series of worker-to-worker meetings bringing together all those employed in the architectural industry to provoke, discuss and rework the profession. It will be a safe space for collectively organising around industrial issues, be they underpay, overwork, precarity, statutory minimums, discrimination, harassment, access and ethics.

We are forming a community to survey the industry from within, and radically change the terms of our employment. We aim to shape architectural practice for the workers, and in the interests of those impacted by architectural work. The series will be structured around the key questions we all want to voice and answer; using workshops and open discussion to let our personal working experiences inform collective strategies for resistance and action!

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